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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Thank you for your generosity!

Ann, Janice, and Wendy deliver gifts to HomeStart
Thank you, Aldersgate, for the generous way you have responded to local needs during December and January. On Tuesday of this week, Ann, Janice, Wendy, and Pastor Cheryl delivered bags and bags of wrapped gifts to HomeStart, the Chapel Hill shelter for women and children, to start a new gift closet for non-Christmas gifts. We also gave the shelter a check for $405, collected on Christmas Eve. The T-shirts in the photo are for A Lotta Love, a local company that donates time, money, and creativity to create colorful, welcoming decor in the bedrooms at HomeStart. See -- http://www.alottalove.org/.

Yesterday, Pastor Cheryl also gave two checks from Aldersgate to the social worker at Glenwood Elementary to help two immigrant families (with children at Glenwood) keep their homes. These parents are seeking asylum, want to work, but do not yet have work permits. Each family had about $600 applied to their rents. The families, the school, and the social workers at Glenwood Elementary wish to express their gratitude to Aldersgate.

Thanks, Aldersgate. The church's generosity is heart-warming on these cold winter days.

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